Who are we ?
We are a floorshow!

What is a floorshow?
An all volunteer performing troupe that mimics & lip syncs the film; in this case, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Wait...You don't get paid?!
Nope! We do it for the love of the show and its full experience and for the audience!

Okay, O.K , You've got me, What else do I need to know?

Leadership is Adrienne (AJ) & Paulie

  • Adrienne is the Director: Handling casting, cast affairs, and all around managing the show.

  • Paulie is the Creative Director: Handling designs and marketing

The Fine Print:

  • You will be asked to arrive at the venue at a specific call time that will be provided to you prior to the show date, which will range from about 1-2 hours before doors open, for a final head count and load in/set up.

  • We will have a designated changing area (for cast members only), but please be advised that you will not be storing any personal belongings at the venue, and you need to clean up after yourself when the show is over.

  • Tech & Crew members are to wear comfortable and safe shoes/clothing since this is a fast pace and physical show. (This means NO flip flops or open toe shoes!)

  • All members of cast (Performers, Tech & Crew along with leadership) are to stay at the venue until everything is broken down and are given the ok to leave, unless there is an emergency. This is so that we can leave the venue at an early time, and no one feels over worked and under appreciated, we work together!

  • Screen accurate costuming isn’t a necessity (but welcomed), We do ask that your costume be recognizable of the character you are portraying.

  • Indecent exposure is a thing in New Jersey. So with that, you are required to have appropriate costuming/full coverage for performances.

  • Some scenes may require choreographed physical contact and interactions with other cast members. This choreography will be discussed and mutually agreed upon before the start of each show. Consent is sexy.

  • We, The Ordinary Kids, welcome all. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion, an environment where all can feel safe, valued, cared for, and given an opportunity to form meaningful connections with each other as well as strive to be the very best they can be. We cherish the diversity of humanity, a diversity which includes sexual orientation, gender and its expression, religious background, marital status, family structure, age, mental and physical health and ability, racial and cultural identity or background, and educational and socioeconomic status. You can dream it and you can be it.


  • Any form of sexual or physical assault is terms for an instant termination from cast.
 Any sexual or physical assault from an audience member needs to be instantly reported to cast leadership as well as the theatre management, because the safety of our cast and crew members is our number one priority.

  • Zero tolerance for bullying of any form. No cast member is better than another. If you are found to be participating in bullying behavior, you will be suspended and you will need to apologize for your actions to said persons, and take the time off to reflect on your actions. If the situation cannot be diffused, or arises again, it will be grounds for termination.

  • Zero tolerance for any form of intoxication (drugs or alcohol) during a performance. If you are found to be inebriated at a performance, it will be grounds for your termination as a member of The Ordinary Kids.

Once the audition form is submitted you will receive an email or text from us to schedule a zoom call with leadership.

Zoom Video Call

What to Expect:

  • A Quick introduction.

  • Doing a scene of the character you're auditioning for (i.e Frank n Furter's scene would be Sweet Transvestite).

**If you are auditioning for Tech/Crew only a introduction session is needed.

Please fill out the following form: